Important Updates :)

Hey everyone this is a quick update post before I go off to bed. It is 2AM here so I probably should sleep lol. Okay I started using Niume a blogging platform and am enjoying it so far but not spending much time on it. To my understanding it is very important to share your post as it seems to only pay based on views. So this could be a good alternative to Bubblews. Yeah Bubblews was fun while it lasted but we all know why that one didn't work out. If you like what I write and want to see what I write on Niume then check it out here and you can sign up here to try Niume out.

I copy and pasted this from the revenue page as this will explain it much better then I probably could:

"RPM is an acronym which stands for Revenues Per Mille, and corresponds to the amount paid for every thousand views on a page. In other words, every time your post makes 1,000 views you will make $1."

Does it pay low? Yes, probably. Remember though this 1,000 views can probably count towards multiple post. I am trying to also follow some people I find interesting on Niume to and comment on their post to see if that helps generate views. I plan on doing a Youtube video on Niume in the coming days so keep an eye out.

I also am spending some time at MyLot too. Not much time but checking it twice a day or so. MyLot is quite low paying as well but it reminds me of posting to a big forum or ChatAbout for instance. So I like it there. I am sure some people reading this may already use MyLot. Members are saying lots of interaction is key here to reaching payout so I am slowly trying that. You can sign up here to MyLot.

The other update is blog related. I have been getting a lot of spam comments so if I don't get one in time I am sorry that it is there! It will be deleted, I hate spam. I also will be deleting old post to programs no longer useful or running. I also may change the layout again just so you all know. Keep an eye out as more updates are to come. :) Thanks for reading.


  1. I like both sites but don't seem to find a lot of time for either. Nothing will ever replace Bubblews at its best.

    1. Yeah I agree with you, nothing will as far as I can tell... And Niume and MyLot seems to require a lot of work but a challenge is a challenge!

  2. I joined niume but I cannot post from mobile so I gave up. 🙃

    1. Yikes! Do you not have access to a computer? :(


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