Thanks MintVine

Today while using MintVine something happened that has never happened to me before while using a survey website. So I had to share this because it is a big deal to me. I took 2 full screenshots to share them with everyone.

If you look at the picture there is some yellowish looking text letting me know the survey is not performing well for targeted audiences. I decided to continue just to see how it would go, I mean I figured, why not?

It might be hard to tell or see. But in this second picture the box where I would continue to the survey won't let me click it. I even waited a while too and still couldn't. Annoying well of course! But what wasn't annoying was having MintVine share that there was problems with the survey.

You know I can't think of any survey company as of lately posting something to let us know. So this made me impressed with MintVine and like them even more as a earning website.

My earnings have gone down with MintVine actually but it was because I stopped doing surveys for a period. Instead I would visit the website and do the daily poll to get my 5 points. But now that I have more time online I will be visiting them more often. Join MintVine here


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