ClixSense A Month Later...

I decided when I started using ClixsSense again that once a month passed of me using the website I would go ahead and do another post. This post is to talk about my earnings and other things I was doing on the website.

What I Enjoyed
  •  The site is easy to use!
  • User friendly navigation.
  • The "What's New" section was updated.
  • Clixsense was quick to add other payment options after not having Paypal anymore.
  • The Clixgrid and clicking on the ads were my favorite activity on this site.
 What I Did Not LIke
  • Offer walls are similar to other sites so I found that there is some good offers I can't do because I have done them elsewhere.
  • Surveys though enjoyable had to many disqualifies and no small reward for disqualification like some sites add a couple cents reward such as MintVine or GrindaBuck. 
  • I am sad that Paypal is gone from the site but will be using Payza as my new payment option. 
Because of what felt like a lack of earning opportunities for me I didn't spend hours on this site. I did try to visit daily though to get my "Checklist bonus" but that wasn't always easy to do.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings for all of Feb 2017. I probably won't access the site again today so these earnings likely won't change. I am a standard member so I know my earnings are a bit lower due to that too but since I have 0 referrals I am not to sure if Clixsense is worth updating right now as I don't want to waste money. I still plan on using this site though as in time I hopefully will learn to earn on it better and if not I can at least get some extra cash here and there. If anyone has tips or suggestions on how to improve my earnings on ClixSense please leave a comment about it. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to join under me here is the link. Happy earning!


  1. Nice post, I hop on that site here and there too.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah I try and hop on at least once a day.


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