ForumCoin Faucet - A Way To Make More ForumCoins :)

It has been a while since I talked about ForumCoin and I am sure some people who follow my monthly income post probably notice that I do not make money with this website every month. No it is not a scam or anything like that, it is slow earning but it is worth it. And ForumCoin has added 2 new things or new ways I should say to make extra ForumCoin.

The first one I am going to talk about is my favorite new way because it is so easy to do. ForunCoin Faucet! If you are not a member of ForumCoin sign up here first. The reason why I am suggesting signing up here first is because you will need a ForumCoin username to use the Faucet and get your points. To signup to the Faucet go here

The ForumCoin Faucet is easy to use. I have started adding it to my routine by leaving a tab open and checking it when I remember to. You can claim free ForumCoin from it every 5 minutes. Now I don't remember to every 5 minutes, but I am just thankful for the free ForumCoin it does offer.

I made a circle around the submit button because this is what you will be doing. Every 5 minutes or I suppose when you remember you just click that! Pretty awesome and easy if you ask me. It shows my total winnings which isn't a whole lot but remembering to do this daily is a work in progress. 16.60 in money value would be like 16 cents if you are wondering. 0.11 ForumCoin is what you will claim every time you hit the submit button.

Earlier I mentioned signing up to ForumCoin first then the faucet when you signup to the faucet in the section asking for your ForumCoin username make sure it is identical to the username you are using on ForumCoin.

If you use an Adblocker you will need to white list the ForumCoin Faucet website. Remember they need to make income too and that as far as I know is the only reason why you need to disable/white list for this website. I actually don't even use an Adblocker myself so this issue is not a problem for me. Here are instructions on how to tell Adblock to let you see ads on certain websites. If you are using some different type of blocker I suggest googling how to do this, it should not be to hard to find. :)'

The Faucet is a 24 hour running thing so as long as I am online and earning I remember to hit that submit button for my free points. Stay tuned friends I will be sharing another great way to earn on ForumCoin in another post this week today or in a few days. Thanks for stopping by. :)



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