ForumCoin – A Good Site For International Money Makers

As stated in my last post I did say there would be a 3rd and final post about ForumCoin and how to make more ForumCoins. But first I wanted to mention that this site offers something important people from various countries can join! A long standing problem I am seeing online these days is that there just isn't a good amount of work online for the “International worker” I often include myself in this category because there are various sites I cannot make cash on because I am in Canada. I guess I can say I am still lucky though because I still have more earning opportunities compared to some countries.

In my first post I talked about ForumCoin Faucet which is here
To briefly recap in order to earn your ForumCoins from the faucet you must make sure you have an account with ForumCoin which you can get here
Every 5 minutes the page reloads and you click submit, that is it! And you get 0.11 ForumCoin sent off to your ForumCoins account. So far I have got 38 cents from it and that is just me remembering to click submit while doing other work online, pretty easy really.

The next post here talks about how you can apply to be a writer on ForumCoin and earn extra ForumCoin this way as well. 50 ForumCoin for adding the article and 100 once your article reaches 300 views and 20 comments.

Quite some time ago I did upload a video to Youtube about ForumCoin but it is outdated technically. I say that because the rates have changed since then and since that video the ForumCoin faucet and article section came out.

This is a picture from the forum of the exact rates right now as I do this post. These rates are subject to change though so keep that in mind.

I really like the ForumCoin Exchanges section of the forum. In here members can pay members ForumCoins to do task and sell services I believe. I don't use the section often but I have made some quick pocket change doing the offers there which is not hard to do.

Another big change is how much we can post. I am trying hard to remember when I first joined ForumCoin, it was 17 post a day we could do I think then 10. So now you can actually get paid for all your post. The first 10 post just pay the most and after that it is less, I am not sure the exact amount though.

As of late I do not cash out once a month on ForumCoin due to not posting everyday mainly or taking on other ways to earn. I just wanted to share these special post I made to help everyone out trying to earn online, especially the International users who may be having a harder time earning then some. It may not make you rich but some extra cash never hurt anyone. Happy Earnings all. :)


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