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I did do a video on Youtube that gave a quick overview of the website but I am worried it might of confused some people who viewed it. Either way I am going to just mention some things about the website here that are important.

First off the daily check in is worth 3 GaBs (Gabs is short for Grindabucks) this is the currency used on Grindabuck. You can redeem your GaBs for Paypal, Bitcoin, WalMart gift cards, gift cards, Game Stop and Rixty gift cards. The cool thing to is that gift cards are processed quickly most of the time. I got Paypal cash the same day I redeemed. Here is payment proof:

Okay so now let's talk about earning some GaBs. I will mention my daily routine now and hopefully that will help people earn more GaBs :).

Once I get to GrindaBuck the first thing I do is my daily check in. Make sure you do this, 3 points each day. If you do this everyday in a 31 day month for example that is 93 GaBs or 93 cents. I know that is not much but I forgot to mention there is a bonus you can earn for doing the check in! And the check in is easy and guaranteed points so I suggest doing that first. I copy and pasted this from the website for you guys can understand how this bonus works:
"*Active members: check in every day in month and get a bonus of 50 Grindabucks added to your account on the 1st of the next month! (*active member means that you earn at least 200 GaBs in the month)"

That bonus sounds very easy and straightforward. I visit the site everyday anyways so I already got that down pat. Now I just need to make sure to earn 200 GaBs in a month which seeing as I earned over 1,000 quickly this should be no issue.

After I do this I always hit up the Peanut Lab offer wall because there normally is some surveys there for me to do. I always get disqualified from some, no big deal, it happens.

When a survey disqualifies you on the Peanut Lab wall a message like this usually appears. So 2 GaBs or 2 cents, not bad really considering it took under 10 seconds to get that. Now of course like all surveys though sometimes you will get asked more questions then get disqualified.

Today I had a survey credit me for 56 GrindaBucks or 56 cents, not bad really since I was multi tasking while getting that survey done. I am sharing these 2 pictures just to give you guys some examples of what could happen while taking surveys.

There is quite a few Offerwalls on GrindaBuck and I am sure people using the site may of already used these offerwalls elsewhere on sites like Clixsense or Swagbucks for instance. I guess the only issue there is that some offers are for USA people only. There are times I have clicked on an offer and got redirected to something Canadian which had nothing to do with the offer, it happens, don't pout just walk away and try other offers of interest.

This picture is from one of the offerwalls. What I like to do is filter "High to Low Payouts". This not only lets me see the biggest paying offers first but also lets me see the ones I want to do. There are some high paying offers I won't do and others I will. I don't mind using my credit card for trials because I know I won't get charged as long as I cancel the account before the trial is over. In some cases if I really like whatever the trial is for though I will let it bill me. Remember though to read the fine print! Not just on the offer to get your GaBs but also on the billing page. Some offers may charge a $1 activation fee to your card or other surprises. Don't worry though as long as you read everything, no worries.

Something else I like to do is watch the Task Ticker which shows when people get payouts as it is live and where people are earning points. Sometimes I see something new in there I missed so that is always fun. And the chat box to chat with the whole community is another bonus.

GrindaBucks also has contest where you can earn more GaBs and Trivia Tuesdays, which is a fun way to possibly win some free GaBs too. Myself I don't super grind for points so the chance of me ever winning a contest is slim but that is not to say it won't happen :). Hopefully this was easy to read, leave questions if you. Want to join? Sign up under me and get 100 free GaBs for joining! Signup here

If you do signup I am going to suggest visiting this page to learn to earn so to speak :)  It might be a good idea as well to follow GrindaBuck on their Facebook and Twitter for you don't miss out on special contest and updates.


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