Writing Articles On ForumCoin - A Way To Make More ForumCoins :)

In my previous post I talked about ForumCoin Faucet and how easy it is to use and everyone using ForumCoin should really sign up to it, to get those extra ForumCoins. Another great way to earn some extra ForumCoin though is to become a writer for the site and post some articles. So let's check it out together.

Finding it is very easy. On The Forum index page it is at the bottom where it says "Articles & Tutorials". I understand writing is not for everyone. That section has been up for quite a while and I didn't post my first article until Feb 9th 2017. I waited a long time because even though I love to write and enjoy writing I do get self conscious about it. So since that date I have managed to post 2 articles which earned me 100 ForumCoins so far. 100 ForumCoins is the equivalent of $1.00.

One thing to note though to become an article writer for ForumCoin you should first become a valued member of the community. Try to make it a small goal! If you are not already using ForumCoin, sign up here

After you sign up you should make an introduction post and from there just post and add some good comments to existing threads or make your own. ForumCoin is a wonderful place I have been paid many times. Please keep in mind though that ForumCoin is just an extra cash website that you should add to your existing earning websites or just do it for fun! I can't stress this enough, ForumCoin won't make you rich. ForumCoin is a forum that pays you to post. Not a huge amount but an amount.

Now I mentioned above to try to make some post before applying to become a writer and this is why. ForumCoin has a much different process then some writing sites. You don't need to submit a 1st article to write in the "Articles & Tutorials" section.

Within applying though the admins do take some important things in mind when accepting writers for this section. The first being the current quality of your post on other sections of the forum. I think adding value can really help a person gain positive reputation on this forum, so I cannot stress enough to make sure and add value to your post. Rules is important to, make sure to follow them. Breaking the rules at a constant won't look good when you apply. How long you have been a member of ForumCoin is pretty important too, so keep that in mind when applying. Be active, follow the rules and add value to the Forum. You can find the application process here to get a feel for it and if it is something you want to do. And this is the guidelines for submitting articles. *Please note that the article submission process and article rules may change, I will try and update this post if they do but may not remember, but will try :)*

What About Earnings?

I did not talk about article earnings in great detail yet as I am sure it might scare a few people off. This is how it works. When you post your article you get 50 ForumCoins for posting it. So 50 cents in other words. To gain the 100 ForumCoins ($1.00) your article must receive at least 20 replies and 300 views. I have yet to get the extra dollar but I don't mind. I don't think my writing is good enough to get 300 views to be honest and I don't mind that because I am happy with the 50 ForumCoins for the article I posted.

I don't think this is a bad deal when you factor in low payment amounts on sites like Niume or LiteracyBase for example. Try to keep in mind too that ForumCoin is staying alive for us to make extra cash by having these rules.

I hope you all enjoyed the post. I just wanted to share the love I have for this site and share 2 great ways to earn more ForumCoins. Stay tuned there is one last article about ForumCoin being posted this week sometime. Happy Earnings! :)


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