Checkout51 Review And Payment Proof

I have been using Checkout51 for a very long time and to be honest I was worried I would never reach the $20.00 payment that is needed to cash out by check with this app. I am not trying to put down the app in any way by saying this, so try not to get to discouraged and read on.

Cashback and shopping apps seem to be something on the rise as of lately and becoming a popular means for people to save money. Maybe you already use Checkout51 or heard of it? Another popular app is Ibotta. I wanted to quickly mention Ibotta because I have heard A LOT of good things about it. At this time though Ibotta is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico. Learn about Ibotta here

Who Can Use Checkout51?
This is taken directly from their website, "Products must be purchased in your country of registration. We currently support the United States (the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, Overseas US Military Bases, Puerto Rico) and Canada." You can read more about this here 

The Positives
  • Easy to use
  • App is available on Google Play and the Apple store
  • Check offer claim limits, sometimes you can claim an offer more then once!
  • For the most part there are a good amount of positive comments on the app store for this one but also some negatives too.
  • Popular brands for the most part on app, and the cashback items change a bit and some cashback items may be offered for a longer period.
The Negative
  • You can only cash out by check and you need to reach $20.00 before you can.
  • Not an International program, see above "Who Can use Checkout51?"
  • Some cashback deals are only available at certain stores.

This is a screenshot from my phone showing this weeks current deals, these deals started at midnight (Atlantic Standard Time). This is just an idea of items you can start saving money on. And earlier in the negatives when I mentioned that some deals are only at certain stores the very top deal for Becel margarine is only available at Wal Mart. Sometimes though the deals for specific stores fall into when there are flyer deals so that can feel like double savings! Even better if you also have a coupon for the cashier for the item too.

This is a screenshot from the app on my phone of an offer. You can click on each offer to see more information. Sometimes it is a good idea to look at each offer for important information. For instance with this offer it excludes trial and travel sizes and gift bonus or value packs. Myself I don't buy such things anyways but it is good to know. It also lets us know just a limit of 1 of these will be eligible for the cashback.  There also is a little icon that says "P&G Fabric Care Bonus" it lets us know some more cashback can be earned by redeeming 2 offers with the little blue icon beside it as shown in the picture. And of course you can also share these offers to social media.

And here is a picture of the payment proof. I actually got this check in about a week! I was impressed because I figured to myself it might take a month. Checkout51 even emailed me when the check was on the way.

Why Did It Take So Long? Is It Worth It?
I think using this app is very worth it! Especially if you live in the USA since you can combine some of the savings this app may have with Ibotta, other apps and coupons. At the end of the day it is all about saving money and how one can save money. Myself it took me almost a year to reach $20.00 but there is very good reasons for that. Some weeks there were items on sale that I wasn't buying or did not need. I don't really have a special closet or pantry for things I might buy with coupons. I mostly shop as I need items or if a really good sale goes on. It also took me long because some of the items on the app I actually don't buy but instead might by the store brand.

I think someone who is well versed in couponing and knows a lot about it (Which I don't) probably would be able to get cashback quickly and it also depends on shopping habits. My sister has a toddler and she is able to gain cashback faster then me because of this. In my household it is just me, my boyfriend and our cat. And I also am frugal and try not to waste so those habits make it for things take a while for me as far as cashback goes.

Here are a couple links to learn more about Checkout51:
Their help page is here
How it works page is here

Feel free to share this and ask questions. My comments are moderated which means they won't show up automatically but I will view them and respond to questions. Happy saving and earning friends!


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