Keeping Track Of Online Earnings

How do you keep track of your online earnings? It is an important question and something important to do. Not just for tax type purposes but also if you are like me and using multiple websites it can come in handy to keep track of it all somewhere.

In the past I have used an Excel sheet but would often forget to update it. For a brief period I also used a word document saved where I typed in each payment as I got it, but same issue I would forget. I also had a earning journal for a while where I wrote down my earnings everyday. I sometimes still do that but find it to be extra work.

And then there is keeping track of payments when waiting. I use to have sticky notes everywhere for this but I found them to sometimes become too cluttered. So now I stick to a whiteboard because it is so easy and erases easy too.

This is a picture of how I keep track of payments as I wait for them. The whiteboard was bought at Wal Mart during the summer when school supplies were on sale. I think I paid $10.00 or less  for this whiteboard. It also came with 2 magnets, an eraser which sticks to the board and a place to keep the marker. The marker of course did dry out quickly though. Not a huge deal though I was able to buy a thin set of 2 Expo markers for $3.37 at Wal Mart. This is a current picture so those are current payments in waiting. As a payment comes in I erase it from the board. Around the board is random quotes I found that help inspire me.

I use a notebook to keep track of monthly earnings. I know using a spreadsheet would probably be better for this but I like using the notebook method to give myself some writing practice. Probably in a month or 2 I will add an Excel spreadsheet with at least each place I earn from with a total amount.

We all have different ways to go about it for sure and I don't really think there is a right or wrong way as long as one is keeping full detail of earnings for tax time. I am hoping in the summer to invest in a bigger whiteboard though to brainstorm with I think that will help me a lot.

Feel free to leave some comments below and let us know how you keep track of earnings? Maybe you use a spreadsheet or an app? Feel free to leave questions, comments or share the post. Happy earning!


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