Prolific Academic - How To Get More Surveys

I have been asked this before when I was promoting Prolific Academic because I love the site so much and it is not really a survey site so much. Well it is and isn't, some surveys may want you to write out responses to questions, some are click and choose task and so on. They are quite interesting compared to a boring beverage survey for example.

The biggest thing seems to be demographics and some people seem to think it is country based which sometimes is true but not always. I was taking a look into their FAQ page and found this "Please note that many studies have eligibility criteria. This means that sometimes only certain demographics are required (e.g. 20-30 year old female Astrophysics students from Germany, to give one example). - Take from Prolific Academics "

I picked the above example because even though yes it is showing Germany as the target country it also is showing a age range of 20-30 year old female Astrophysics students. Most of the the studies I have done don't seem to care much if you have gone past grade 12, for my country grade 12 being your high school finishing year.

Also pay attention to your Prolific score if it is low chances are you won't be getting many studies. You can see your Prolific score in the "manage studies" page. Mine is 100/100.  To keep this score top notch just make sure to give good and accurate responses.

Something else very important to do is to check the prescreen page. I have not checked mine in a while so you can see from my screenshot I have questions that need to be answered. Updating these and responding to new ones could help get you more surveys as well. Prolific also occasionally will email people about surveys. Since I have joined I think I got a total of 3 emails from them. So what I do is just check the site 5 times or more a day throughout the day and if a test is there I try to take it.

Just to make myself clear I am no way guaranteeing that this will give you more surveys. I am just sharing these tips because they have worked for me so maybe they will work for you too. If you do try them please leave a comment and let me know if you started to get more surveys, it would be good to know. If you want you can sign up to Prolific here

Feel free to share this post, leave comments too, I will get back to you. Thanks for stopping by and happy Earning!


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