April 2017 Online Earnings

April was a strange month for online earnings because of my time away from the computer but the days I was not away it seemed that I was not able to earn as much as the previous month. I also had set a goal to post twice a week to the blog in April and that did not happen either. For April I think I did a total of 4 blog post. I guess that is better then some months though. Here is a look at April earnings,

April Earnings
SurveyLion: $7.00 CAD (Cheque)
AngusReid: $10.00 CAD (Cheque)
Bestmark: $4.00 USD (Cheque) - $5.15 CAD after currency conversion
UsabilityHub: $20.00 USD - $26.27 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research: $6.00 CAD
Swagbucks: $25.00 CAD
ForumCoin: $5.97 CAD
Grabpoints: $3.00 USD - $3.88 CAD after currency conversion
Zurb INC/Enroll: $1.50 USD - $1.94 CAD after currency conversion
Earnably: $1.00 USD - $1.29 CAD after currency conversion
MintVine: $10.00 USD - $12.97 CAD after currency conversion
GrindaBuck: $15.00 USD - $19.55 CAD after currency conversion
Prolific Academic: £9.95 GBP - $16.29 CAD after currency conversion
UserTesting: $50.00 USD - $65.12 CAD after currency conversion

Total before conversions: $171.42
Grand total of mixed currencies to CAD: $206.43 CAD

If you like you can check here  to see March earnings and look at the difference of earning for sites and so on. I took a look at the totals on both and this is what I got,
April total: $206.43
March total: $275.54
Difference: $69.11

It looks as though March was a better month for certain sites I earned on and the total, as I did make less this month than last month. I had a feeling this might happen because of Easter weekend and then the end of April I was helping with the seeds. In fact tomorrow I am doing seeds again at 10AM so that will be another day lost. But I will be paid for it, so I guess in a way that makes it worth while. I also have an interview at 9AM tomorrow for a factory job. And Monday I had an interview with a Canadian work at home video transcription job that I really hope to get over the factory job as I would love to remain making only online income.

Aside from that I also was having some relationship problems which I will not go into as this blog isn't a spot for me to hardcore vent, though sometimes I do. Anyways with things like that it can make it hard to concentrate when other things get on your mind. I hope things pick up for me in May, that would be nice :). If you have any questions about the earnings or comments please leave them below. Thanks for stopping by and happy earning!


  1. great earnings. I use a lot of these programs but I only put payment proof on some stuff. I need to start doing this. it looks more better

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. I just like showing people how the programs are working for me, and of course the payment proof.


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