Postloop Is Back And Paying!

As a lot of you probably are aware Postloop closed it's doors on November of 2016. I remember being quite upset over it because they shut down on my birthday. Well since then they are back! I will tell you what was really nice, I was able to login with my same details and my rating is still there along with my points. So in a matter of days of going back I was able to cash out. Needless to say I am happy to see some forums back on the list that are paying and quick payments. Here is some proof below:

I also shared this same picture on my Twitter feed May 15th 2017 to let people know there too. Here is a post from April which you can find on Postloop's front page too: 
I am sharing this because there is plans mentioned of things that will be added like a mobile version! And possible other ways of payment, I highly suggest reading that post it has good details listed.

Some good news to mention as well is since joining back up I do see some more forums have come back or new in general to use the service so there is forum posting opportunities. There is some blogs as well, not many but some.

If you already used Postloop in the past this would be a good time to go back and see if your login still works, mine did and I am sure as long as previous posters were not banned there should be no issues. If you are new to Postloop, sign up here


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