May 2017 Online Earnings

Well it is now June 2017 and it is getting quite hot some days here already. We did just have some cold days though so I won't complain about heat to much until it gets to be to much. I find it warm but not crazy warm yet. The start of May I was busy finishing off the seed planting for my parents. I think planted 90% of the greenhouse seeds by myself. It was kind of them and it got me away from the computer and gave me some extra cash that was needed. Here is a look at my May online earnings:

May Earnings
SurveyLion - $7.00 (cheque)
GrindaBuck - $27.50 USD - $36.23 CAD after currency conversion
Prolific Academic - £22.06 GBP - $37.54 CAD after currency conversion
UserTesting - $40.00 USD - $53.05 CAD after currency conversion
Postloop - $5.14 USD - $6.81 CAD after currency conversion
Pinecone Research - $9.00 CAD
Swagbucks - $25.00 CAD
Quest MindShare - $50.00 CAD (This was for music survey completed in April)
GiftGame App - $3.10 CAD
TwitchFollows - $5.93 CAD

Total before conversions: $194.73 
Grand total of everything converted to CAD: $233.66 CAD 

If you like you can check here to see April earnings and look at the difference of earning for sites and so on. I took a look at the totals on both and this is what I got,
May total: $233.66
April total: $206.43
Difference: $27.23

The good news is that the difference between the totals is positive, I earned more for the month of May than I did in April. In my previous post I had mentioned some relationship issues and job interviews. Good news is that there were some rough days but my relationship is back on track again which is good because it ends to mentally sometimes make it hard for me to focus on my earnings. The factory interview went good or I thought I did but I never got a call back. I have contacted the person who interviewed me for the work at home job about 3 times now. I keep getting told to contact at a later time because they do not know when the 2nd training class is starting. I am waiting to hear more. If things don't happen with this job then I will be working for my parents in the garden while doing my online work.

It is a busy time of year in the garden my mom runs a market so I pick a lot of what she needs to sell and deliver it to the house since the garden is 15 minutes outside of town. And I sometimes help prepare orders for bigger stores too. I am hanging on in hopes this online job works out though because I really want it but at the same time waiting and waiting is annoying too.

The end of June will bring us 6 months into 2017. I am thinking for my June income post that I might do an overview of my best paying site at that point and look over earnings to see which sites are up and down a lot.  

Also I have done something a bit different for each thing that paid me above I added in the join links. Most of them are referral links so if you want to be kind enough to sign up under me to show support that would be great. 2 things have no links for sign up because I am not sure what the sign up links to those are. 


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