Calling All Gamers, Make Extra Cash Following People On Twitch!

I am a gamer myself so I knew already about Twitch TV. I don't use it all the time but sometimes it is fun to sit back and watch someone else play a game or get new ideas on how to do things. I don't recall posting about TwitchFollows previously and this site is one I have made some extra cash from.

Now if you been following my blog I had been very inactive due to working for my family over the summer. I am just now getting back at it and rechecking programs I used previously for earning cash. Just to show how long it has been my last payment from TwitchFollows was, May 25th 2017. After that I was just hardly online and had no time to check the site like I was. So the payment proof is old, but here it is:

Like I said it has been quite a while since I used the site so there has been some changes. For instance the payment threshold is higher now, but when I logged in today there seemed to be more people to follow then usual which always is a good sign.

How do I earn money?
Simply signup here and start following Twitch streamers. So far I have seen the credit amount be anywhere from 19 to 27 credits per follow. Some are lower and higher. When I logged in today I had 19 to follow. The site currency is in credit format, once you reach 10,000 credits you can cash out.

I want to point out a new feature that I have never noticed before. I edited the above picture to not show the streamers username. So instead we are looking at what you would see when choosing to follow someone. So this streamer is paying 27 credits per follow. It shows us this person almost has enough followers. I made sure to follow this one right away since only 227 more follows are needed. Previously there was no screen like this just the follow and credit amount so this is pretty cool, a nice new feature.

Is there a referral program?
When someone becomes your referral you can earn on their deposits as well. On the deposits you get 20% of whatever it is they bought. The other way to earn and the more free way is just having them sign into the website. When your referral signs in for the first time you get 250 credits instantly. That really is not to bad all in all when you think of it as more then one way to earn.

Getting Paid
Previously this site had a lower payment amount. I believe it might of been 5,000 credits which equals out to $5.00 dollars. Now though you need a lot more...

This is an example of the screen where payment is requested. As you can see with the new changes it is going to take me a while until I can cash out. So once you have 10,000 credits you can request payment. They only pay through Paypal so I guess that is bad for some but not terrible as it is a main payment option for many websites. Payments are made 2-3 times a week, give up to 72 hours for your payment, this is all according to the current FAQ

I copy and pasted this from the website, this looks pretty important.

"types of Credits that make up your total amount of Credits.
  • Earned Credits:
    • Gained by following streams and completing special offers. Can be withdrawn via PayPal or used on any of our services.
  • Bought Credits:
    • Gained by purchasing from our website. Can only be used to purchase our services, not available for withdrawls. Credits earned from referring other users are this type as well and can not be withdrawn."

So you can upgrade your "Viewer" account for a one time fee of $9.99USD. My account currently is not upgraded and I have not decided yet if I want to or not. With upgrading though at current you get  a premium username badge by your name. And the big and important one you can view offers faster, with my account being not upgraded I have to wait 24 hours for new offers to unlock. The other cool thing is that credits earn instantly where as right now I have to wait before they show up. If I decide to upgrade I will be sure to let you all know my experience.

Since this website has paid me in the past with no issues I have nothing to say about it. The only downside is that it is a slow earner so don't expect quick earnings. The best advice I can give is to check the site daily and follow all streamers to get credits for you can cash out much quicker. And of course try and refer too, that never hurts.

If this sounds like a site you might like, please join as my referral and help me out too. Feel free to leave comments if you use the site already and tell me what you think of it, and ask questions. Happy earning! :)


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