Streetbees - Get Paid Doing Task (International)

I had seen Streetbees mentioned on Reddit a few times but did not bother joining the app until this weekend gone by. I have been on the hunt for new survey opportunities or task that could include mystery shops. I joined this app and did 2 task so far, and have been paid for 1 so far.

I am gathering that depending on your country could mean lower pay in some cases and also depending on location there may be less task. This is an ongoing issue though with all task and apps from what I can see so I am pretty use to seeing this. Here is some payment proof:

The first task I did for them was pretty much an about me type of task. It sort of reminded me of filling out a survey profile and I got paid $1.00 for doing it or in my case $1.25 after converting USD to CAD.

Yesterday when I opened streetbees this was the task I saw. I just had to respond to some questions and should get $1.00. This one is not completed yet (They still are looking it over) and then I should get paid. I have had no task since then but for how quickly all this takes, I won't complain about a quick $2.00! Don't forget this does vary by location though so in some cases, some areas may see less or no task for a while.

They have a FAQ here you can view with more information too. You can join here 
You will have to give them your phone number since they send you a code. And you like, feel free to use my referral code: 90261K

Happy earnings :)


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