My Top 3 Online Earners For 2017 And Overview

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2017 reminded me of my first few years trying to make cash online. Okay, it wasn't as bad as those years but it wasn't great either. I went through my total earnings writing down each website and the total amount earned on each website. This gave me a good overview of my best and worst websites.

I have decided to break this into 2 posts. The first one will be the top earners and the second post will be the worse earners. I am hoping that later tomorrow or this weekend I will have the worse earner post ready to go. So first what I want to do is list all the websites I got money from, there will be links to join if you wish to join under me which is muchly appreciated but you do not have to. :)

My 2017 Earning Websites List

7) Grabpoints - Type Grabpoints into Google playstore and use code: YXHGKH

23) Caddle

25) Streetbees -  Use my code: 90261K

26) Qmee

27) Appen

I have talked about some of these websites on older post in my blog but not all and my twitter has payment proofs for most and some Youtube videos too. So now what we have all been waiting for, my 3 top earners for 2017, and yes I am including the total with each of them.

Top 3 Earners for 2017

1) UserTesting - $353.07  
The positive thing about UserTesting is that I know I could have made more. Should of, could of, but didn't. So what happened with this? Well due to constant fighting with my ex, it made it pretty hard to want to work some days. I also was trying to find offline work as well with no success but did have interviews. I even went to the local career office to get my resume looking better and talked with a career advisor.

Anyhow aside from that, I went for a while without a headset too. Once I had a headset I did UserTesting when I could. In June me and my ex split and I was living at my parent's house again and the Internet was terrible there so I couldn't. Part way through summer I worked for my father and I have to say after working 7 days a week in the field I was too tired to do much online.

I am just now starting to use UserTesting again so we will see how it goes. I do need a new headset though because my current one has lost hearing to one side which isn't fun when trying to playback videos and things.

2) ProlificAcademic - $171.57
I am sure I could have made more. The thing with Prolific is that I rarely get emails when new studies are listed and that is okay though. I just login at various times to check for studies and go from there.

3) GrindaBuck - $77.12
I am going to have to make a new video for Youtube about GrindaBuck since some stuff is different since my last. I have had good times on this website. One of my favorite ways to earn on GrindaBucks is installing the mobile games, especially when they are high paying and trying them out. I have never had an issue and got my credit for playing the games.

I'll post my youtube videos here of my top 3 programs so you can learn more about them.
Proflic Academic Video

Sorry about the random link but for some reason I was able to get 2 videos up but not my prolific video.

Final Thoughts

Of my 3 best earners I do believe that all of them can earn more money. UserTesting can be hit and miss because some days there is no test available for me. The best thing to do is to leave the page open since it *dings* when a new test shows up. UserTesting is nice too though because the pay is high. A test takes me less than 15 minutes of my time and I earn $10.00 for each of them.

Prolific Academic probably could earn me more if I was eligible for all studies but sometimes that is not possible. I don't get a study every day from this site, but at least once a week or more. A bad week is just one or two test. I usually get a few a week, also depending on how much I login and check.

GrindaBuck is up to the user for earnings. I do as many of the trials as I can and follow the rules listed in the trials. I sometimes do surveys as well and download games to try from the partner offer walls.

Something to keep in mind though if you are new to making extra cash is that this requires a lot of hard work and dedication and you need to be interested to keep up with it. When I lose interest it shows in my work and my earning. If you have any questions about the websites listed, or how to get started, feel free to leave comments on this post, I will get back to you. To prevent spam I do have the captcha code turned on when leaving comments. Happy earning! 


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